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I read somewhere years ago that Librans are lazy people. This insulted my greatly! I am a very driven Libran woman and I am always on some sort of mission. I have inherited the restless gene from my mom, who cannot sit still. My mom feels guilty putting her feet up, even after a long day at work and her feet are swollen. I am the same, I tend to over work myself. When I’m not working, I’m either cleaning or cooking. The one day I try to make sure I piddle (do absolutely nothing) is Sunday.
Sunday is pyjama day for me. I allow myself to sleep in, then have a leisurely brunch and spend the rest of the day just being a couch potato. By the time the afternoon arrives, I am completely relaxed, having allowed myself to just ‘be’. I then have a warm bubble bath, do my hair and nails.  I think this sort of ‘laziness’ is essential in our emotional well being.

Sloth is a very different sort of laziness however. It is being a couch potato all of the time and not being motivated enough to get up and get moving!

Life is ever-changing. If you find it difficult to move past laziness in your life then there isn’t something wrong with you, you just need a little inspiration to get you moving again. You need to find a purpose, something that drives you. And no, it doesn’t mean finding someone that drives you!
Expecting someone to entertain you and fill your time because you have nothing better to do is sheer selfishness!

Sloth is simply feeling too uninspired to get out of your rut. It means being happy to lie in bed all day (even when you’re not tired or sleepy) or channel surf because you have no idea what else to do.
People who indulge in this sort of sin often say they’re ‘bored.’ I hate the word bored! I believe the words ‘I’m bored’ should be replaced by ‘I’m boring.’ I cannot for the life of me understand how people can get ‘bored’ when there is so much to do in life!!!

It is unfortunate that in this age of technology we have become lazy to do things that require a little effort on our part. It is always more convenient to pick up our remotes, sit on our phones, order take- away and blame our woes on stress, than realize it is us who need to change our behaviour. Thus creating more balance in our lives.

Not many people know this, but my boyfriend Shiraz loves spending time in the garden. At first glance, most people perceive him as a gothic/rock star/rebel tall guy with long hair and pants that sit a little too low (Sorry darling!). Whenever his phone rings, some Marilyn Manson /Slipknot /My Chemical Romance song screams loudly. Would you believe that Shiraz has green fingers?! He grows lettuce, tomatoes, Italian herbs and I swear they are the tastiest organic greens I have ever had! Shiraz has promised to grow me a rose garden when we have our own home and an organic garden where we can eat the food he has grown with his own hands.

Whenever Shiraz is stressed or has spare time, he makes sure he tends to his garden. He looks after his plants as if they were his children. Watching seedlings grow into delicious vegetables give him a sense of satisfaction and tranquillity. He has a hobby (besides soccer of course) that keeps him busy and connected with his soul.

A hobby is so important to our well being. Hobbies seem to be something of the past nowadays but if only we all realized the gift in this expression! It minimizes sloth, gives us a sense of achievement and satisfaction. When we live life with a purpose, when we know that getting up in the morning brings another day to make the most of living and working toward our dreams, this is true happiness. This is faith and this is what life should be about.

To find more happiness, make a resolution next year to live a more balanced life. Set aside a day / time / hour regularly to just ‘piddle’. Do absolutely nothing and don’t feel guilty about it.

When you find yourself thinking you’re ‘bored’ remind yourself that boredom is simply feeling uninspired. Look inside yourself and find what it is that drives you. Maybe its reading a book, researching your family tree, trying your hand at knitting / painting / learning how to cook and making things from scratch / learning how to break-dance/ballroom dance / doing volunteer work (helping others is always a fulfilling way to spend free time) / creating a vision board to plan your goals and get clearer about your future (this is very inspiring). Every day here on earth is a blessing and opportunity to live your life your way. When you are inspired you inspire others. Take the time to rest regularly, to replenish your body, mind and soul, but say goodbye to sloth in the new year!

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