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Greed is wanting more than you need of something in life. My cats are incredibly greedy creatures. I have six cats and two kittens have just made their way into our home. I am a sucker for kittens, my mom keeps telling me to stop taking in strays, but I just can’t help myself. At feeding times, my sisters and I have to practically hose my cats down because of their love and greed for food. I have seen my cats eat so much that they get sick and roll around because their tummies are too full! Never owned a cat? Just think about Garfield and his love for lasagne- multiply that by a million and you have my cats!

A typical example of greed for possessions- Years ago, a family I knew got a new credit card and started buying ridiculous amounts of furniture for their home. A huge bar and matching bar stools (these people don’t drink), dividers, an extra fridge (they already had a fridge and separate deep freezer), cabinets and two extra televisions.
I could tell after a month or so, they were getting irritable having all this new stuff in their home, it was starting to take up too much space. The new things they purchased were not being used, they were all just for show. The novelty had started to wear off and I heard them say they were worried about paying off this debt. Eventually they ended up selling most of those items!

Greed is a sin that when indulged can have major consequences. Greed with money or possessions can often mean a person will do or say anything to get more of what they want. We are unfortunately living in an age where bling is the in thing. If you have or show that you possess lots of money or material possessions, it seems to ‘prove’ to people that you are successful in life.
What many people don’t realize is that much of what everyone owns nowadays is on borrowed credit. There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving money or material pleasures! It’s when you start placing importance on those possessions, or believe they validate you or your life it becomes a problem.

I am a woman and I won’t deny my love for shopping. Retail therapy is soothing. But I always try not to place importance on things. Everything I own I have been blessed to purchase myself, because I work really hard in my career and thankfully, grew up modestly. This has taught me gratitude in appreciating all that I have.

Money and relationships are forms of external power. Money allows us to have creature comfort, pay our bills and live a comfortable life. When we pass away, we don’t think about our cars, homes or jewels – we think about those special people in our lives and the memories we shared. You can either be humble, or be humbled, so make sure you try to keep your feet firmly on the ground.

The next time you feel a little greedy, think about new ways of feeling abundant. Abundance comes in many forms-
Time -  Spend an afternoon all by yourself or with a loved one in nature, or simply watch a movie at home. Instead of pigging out on takeaways, cook a meal together and make a pot of popcorn instead.

Beauty - Take the time to truly look for the beauty in your life. Beauty may exist in your home, the faces of your family or pets. Stop and smell the roses! There is a whole other world in nature that exists, if only you take the time to discover it.
Be grateful for the ability to see, touch, smell, hear and taste.

Instead of buying two or three pairs of shoes every month, (Ladies, I have this fetish too, I feel your pain), cut down to just one pair and save the rest of your money for something really special, like a spa treatment or little holiday. I often hide money in clothes pockets for myself. It feels like a treat to put on something I haven’t worn in a while and find money in it!

Instead of splashing out on expensive dinners with your friends, plan a picnic.

And finally, if you already had three pieces of chocolate mousse cake, leave that last piece in the fridge for someone else to enjoy. Don’t be greedy! Like everything in life, Sharing is caring!

Love and Light,
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