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It amazes me how everything happens in synchronicity – if only we keep our eyes and ears open.
Many people don’t believe in having lived before this lifetime. Part of my work entails taking people back to previous lifetimes, getting them to identify key issues that they may have brought with them into this lifetime, and helping them rebalance the karma. I will share with you today my personal experience with past life regression.

My parents told me that ever since I was born I have been terrified of big buildings and huge ships. It was an irrational fear, growing up I couldn’t bear to look at ships. They would take us girls to the harbour and I would block my eyes the whole time. This fear got stronger as I grew older. My friends all suggested at one time or another on booking cruises but my answer was the same every time – “hell no.”

A few years ago, when my psychic powers were getting stronger, my great grandmother Grace, who is my spirit guide, would visit me in dreams regularly-giving me visions. Most of these were premonitions and messages from the angels on prayers that I needed guidance on. But on one night, I was taken on a dream journey I had never expected. I remember being in a lime green container, it seemed as though this box was floating on water and I realized I was in the middle of the ocean. The box wasn’t closed properly, so very quickly water started to fill the space I was in and I heard a loud honk of a ship. I awoke in a panic. Even though I was scared, this dream intrigued me. I had always wondered why I have such a fear of ships and I resolved to ask my angels and Great Grandma to take me back to my past life where I experienced trauma in the ocean.

The very second night, I dreamt I was on a huge cargo ship. I remember opening my eyes to see myself as a Spanish man, hiding on this ship. The sound of the ship honking and being in the middle of the ocean paralyzed me. I knew I was in trouble for stealing something. I was dressed ruggedly, with long hair and could sense I was not supposed to be on this ship. I caught sight of another ship approaching and there was a police symbol on it. Instinctively I knew they were there for me, and I started to run around the ship to find a ‘container’ to hide in. I knew exactly what this ship looked like, where everything was, and jumped into a lime green container. I awoke feeling more terrified than ever. But I was also happy to know that my angels and spirit guide were taking me back in time, so that I could understand my fear in this life.

On the third night, I said a special prayer to my spirit guide. I asked for specifics this time- I am a naturally suspicious person, so I needed proof that I was having a past life regression experience and this was not my imagination. What I got was far more than I had asked for.
In this last dream, I was myself as I know I am today, and right next to me was my beautiful great grandmother. We were floating in the middle of the ocean, it was night time and my grandma was showing me what had happened in my past life.
In front of us was that very same cargo ship, and my former self (the rugged Spanish man) was fighting with officials. I apparently was accused of stealing silver or gold and they were asking me to jump of the ship. I ended up in a scuffle with officials and one of them went to call another ship to arrest me. I managed to hide until this other ship arrived, then ran down to find a container to hide in. I asked my spirit guide for the details. She said the year was around 1700, the area was Seville and the ship was in ‘Vigo Bay’. I am not sure what exactly happened after I had found the container, but the next thing I knew, the ship was in flames and that container I was hiding in had fallen off the ship, and was now floating with my former self in it. The container was not closed properly and water was filling up very quickly. I saw myself in the container again, this time feeling the ice cold water around my body, I could taste the salt, I screamed and panicked but nobody could hear me. The last thing I remember was taking my last breath and just letting my body die. I woke up very traumatized that morning, but I believe the angels showed me as much as I could handle, therefore I needed to know this in order to move past this fear in this lifetime.

I did a bit of research and low and behold found a cargo ship in Vigo Bay. Seeing this ship made my heart pound, I had described every single part of the ship in detail to my family. How would I have been able to know where everything was on that very ship in this life if I wasn’t on it in my past life?
The year was 1702, the place Seville. War of the Spanish Succession had broken out in the middle of the ocean. The French Commander Chateaurenault had ordered the Spanish ship to be fired and sunk, hence the huge fire I recalled seeing. The ship had apparently been carrying a lot of silver and that is probably what I had indeed stolen. Low and behold, next to this photograph I saw a block of huge containers-all orange and lime green.
I knew I was very blessed to have been taken back to my past life, to witness how I died tragically in the ocean. This helped to clear up many of the questions I had regarding my fears about ships and I made a decision to start over coming my fear in this lifetime. The idea of a cruise still makes me nervous but I know it is something I am going to have to do in this lifetime.
This past Monday, Shiraz, my youngest sister Eloise and her new husband Kavelan and I went to see the Queen Mary 2 that was docked in Durban harbour. It would be the first time I’d see a ship of that size in person and the thought both terrified and exhilarated me.

As the Queen Mary 2 started sailing past as I stood on the pier, I buried my face in Shiraz’ chest, too scared to look. Hearing the ship honk startled me and I mustered up the courage to open my eyes. What I saw in front of me was truly magnificent. My heart pounded with fear, but I was in awe of such beauty.

The next step? I hope to someday have the courage to go on a cruise. I’m not sure when that day will be, but I know its going to happen.

If you have ever felt fearful of something you cannot understand in your life, or seem to be repeating the same patterns emotionally you cannot fathom-it is possible you have issues from a past life that need healing. Psychic healers like myself and other spiritual practitioners can help you go back in time to face those fears when they have originated. As humans, we have all come to earth to learn from our experiences so that our souls can progress to higher dimensions.

Be open to this concept, our souls have amazing stories to share with us-all we need to do is listen.

I want to wish you all a beautiful Valentines Day on Monday. Whatever the question, love is the answer!

Love and light,
Your Resident Psychic and Spirit Medium,

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