Sunday, 27 February 2011


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I hope you all have had a blessed week. I am looking forward to the sun being out more often now, trips to the beach, picnics in the park and laying outside at night staring at the stars. Spring has always been my favourite time of year, not only because my birthday falls in Spring, but because I love watching the Spring flowers and trees bloom after a sleepy Winter.

We all have ‘seasons’ in our own lives. Every season sees us basking in the glory of our shining moments (Summer). We have moments of change and contemplation (Autumn). We have dark moments where we just want to curl up and hibernate (Winter) ,and we have cycles of re-birth and rejuvenation (Spring).

This week I am going to show you how to make peace with your past. I share this simple exercise with many of my wonderful clients and it truly does help in making spiritual peace with those in your life you perceive have wronged you. All you need for this simple exercise is a piece of paper, pen and a lit candle.

I want you to write down the names of everyone in your life whom you believe has wronged you, everyone you feel you haven’t forgiven completely and everyone whom you feel you still have an emotional attachment to that no longer serves you positively right now.

Next to each of those names, write down what you would say to those people if they were sitting in front of you right now. Maybe they need your forgiveness, or maybe you want to scream and shout at them because of how much they hurt you. Write down whatever comes from your heart.

Once you have done that, flip the page over and write down their names again. This time, write down all the lessons you have learnt from those experiences.

You could be angry with an ex lover who betrayed and cheated on you- maybe this has taught you to listen to your intuition more and not be so na├»ve. Maybe your dad was a poor example handling his money, leaving you and your family feeling insecure and unsafe-perhaps this has taught you how to be more resourceful with money and vow to be a better parent to your own kids someday. Maybe your dad was an alcoholic and made your childhood feel like hell – perhaps this has taught you that alcohol isn’t the answer to pain and you have vowed to be a healthier person, having seen the effects that alcohol had on your dad’s health.

Maybe your mom didn’t love you the way you wish she loved you- this could have taught you to accept yourself as you are and understand that loving yourself is more important. Perhaps you had lots of friends who said bad things behind your back and you lost them- this could have taught you that keeping one or two true friends is way more important than having the status of a social butterfly.

Maybe you were abused by a family member and this has haunted you all your life- perhaps this has made you understand that no matter how much anyone hurt you-emotionally, verbally or sexually-you are still a perfect child of God and the angels and you are a survivor. Many abused people have grown up helping others through abuse and heal themselves in the process.

After you have completed your list, write down in big letters ‘I FORGIVE MYSELF.’

Sometimes forgiving ourselves is harder than forgiving others. You are human and allowed to make mistakes. Feel the forgiveness in your heart and resolve to release your pain.

Next, hold that piece of paper to the flame of a candle and watch it catch alight. Believe that flame is burning away the effects of your past pain, watch the words disappear as they become ash and blow the ash away in the garden, where Nature can replenish those dark feelings with positivity now.

This exercise is important in spiritually healing your past. Your higher self has taken the time to let go of that pain and forgive others, or yourself for all perceived wrongs. You are now free to move on from that ‘Winter phase’ of your life.

Time to embrace new change, have new blessings and look forward to a better, more enlightened future. When you know better, you do better. The best way to ensure a better tomorrow is to make peace with your past and understand that this moment is all you need to create a better future.

Love & Light,
Your Resident Psychic & Spirit Medium,

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