Sunday, 27 February 2011


Greetings Bloggers!
Are any of you:
-artistic or have a natural creative flair?
-highly sensitive or empathic toward others?
-do you believe you were born with psychic, telepathic, supernatural powers or spiritual gifts?
-do you have a deep understanding of animals and perhaps believe you can talk to them?
-did you grow up feeling different from everyone else? Did you feel you never fitted in at school, that the education taught at school was not something you could identify with on a soul-level? Were you diagnosed with ADD, and yet know you know have no behavioural or learning disability?
-have a love for crystals and feel a deep sense of appreciation for nature, so much so that the thought of someone harming earth deeply hurts you?
-people often say you’re weird or strange and you tend to be a loner?
-can you see spirits, angels and magical creatures, such as faeries?
-do you have the ability to hear voices of the angels?
-do you feel compelled to help people and can only be around people who vibrate at a higher spiritual frequency?
-does confrontation or negative energy make you physically uncomfortable?
-do you believe, without a shadow of a doubt that you were meant to be here on earth for a specific reason? Have you chosen a career in which you help others, be it healing or teaching?

If you can identify with most of the above statements, chances are you are indeed an Indigo Child. The term Indigo Child, sometimes known as Crystal Children, describes enlightened souls living on earth, especially in this era of human life.  These special souls are believed to have been born with and indigo aura, a colour which indicates strong spiritual / supernatural gifts. Indigo children have come to earth in this lifetime to help spread peace, love and spiritual enlightenment at a time where earth needs help most.
Growing up i was often called ‘weird/strange/different’ by family and friends. I went to five different schools and had very little close friends. The people I chose to hang around were often the ‘misfits’ of school. I hung out with the delinquents, rebels (because I have always wanted to be different, dress different, never conforming to trends and had a mind of my own. I found really wonderful friends during the last few years of school in my art class. We were all different, yet our passion for art kept us together. We were the art geeks, spending our lunch breaks in the art class drawing and painting and never really mixed with the other kids at school. Our individuality fuelled our creativity and we expressed this in our art. My good friend Sam painted and drew mostly spiritual work, she had a great respect and love for Hindu culture and this showed in her work. I loved glamour and gothic art, so much of my work centred around dark beauty and bold faces. Portraits were my favourite things to paint, I loved how people’s faces each told a different story and could evoke different emotions to the eye of the beholder. My final piece of artwork for the matric exam was composition in colour. I painted this piece expressing emotion after I had caught an ex boyfriend cheating on me. splashes of colour ran across the huge page reflecting my pain and loneliness. The passion that came out in my art that final exam was precisely why I believed I scored a distinction and was happy that out of a negative experience came glory for me.

With global warming and our precious earth losing it’s natural resources, the natural order of feminine and masculine energy has changed. Indigo children were born in our era to help bring back this balance and help earth in very special ways, emphasizing on spiritual enlightenment vs technology. Indigo children wish to promote natural health, simple living and healing.
Indigo children are insanely passionate and intuitive creatures. Many people perceive us as being weird or strange because we are misunderstood. Indigo children stand out in a crowd, having different ideas about life and do not conform to the ‘norm.’ But what exactly is the ‘norm?’

I often question why people accept things to be a certain way just because it has been done the same way over and over again. Who makes up these rules? An indigo child questions everything in life and tries to make better the world around them. Whether it’s a young child empathic toward a stressed out parent or an indigo adult trying to save the world, they are a blessing to our earth. An indigo child may be prone to depression early on in life, trying to find his or her own identity. It is imperative we start to nurture these young souls, for they have been born with a deep understanding of the Spirit and will try live life with good intentions.
Angel Blessings!
Your Resident Psychic & Spirit Medium,

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