Sunday, 27 February 2011


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I trust you all have had a wonderful week, with Spring comes the promise of new beginnings. I look forward to the Spring rains every year, gardens look fresher and I make a point of buying myself fresh flowers often to remind myself of the beauty that exists around me. This week I am going to show you a simple exercise on establishing or reconnecting your roots to earth –

I moved house eleven times growing up, attending five different schools. My dad is a musician, and his work took us around a lot. I was very much a loner as a child, painfully shy, especially having to constantly make new friends. As a result, the only security I felt was in myself- Even so, I was lonely and felt the need to have friends around me.
Unfortunately, with my psychic gifts and eccentric nature, not many kids understood me, they would tease me and pick fights with me, because I was the ‘weird’ girl. I spent many lunch breaks alone, feeling as though no one understood me. When I got home after school, I would play by myself in our garden, and had many special ‘imaginary friends.’ In hindsight, I realize these ‘friends’ were indeed spirits of people whom had crossed over, and I would have elaborate conversations with them. When I was older I began to see the spirits of those who have crossed over much easier, back then as a child, these special spirits would comfort me and make me feel that I wasn’t alone after all. They would indulge in my fascination with faeries and magickal creatures. I would collect lady birds and silk worms in little glass bottles – as lures for faeries. I would also make a point of putting bits of food and cake by the trunks of trees, inside flowers, all in the hope of meeting these magickal beings whom I loved so dearly. Although I did not see faeries till much later on in my life-I still believed they were there-protecting the flowers in our gardens and sprinkling magick all around me.

I began to understand how incredibly healing nature is. The fact that you can take a tiny dried bean from your cupboard-pushing it into some moist soil can create a beautiful tree someday is proof of the immense magick nature is all about.
We are all part of nature- we feed of Mother Earth and it is very important to me to give gratitude for all the beauty and nourishment nature has bestowed upon us.

One simple exercise I enjoy doing regularly is the Grounding and Centering Technique.
This technique is based on the philosophy of releasing stagnant personal energy into the earth, where Mother Nature so cleverly rebalances it for you.

To do this exercise, you’re going to need fifteen minutes alone in your back yard. I like to do this exercise in the late afternoon, where most of our energy has been taken up by our many responsibilities. Take off your shoes and stand on a bare patch of grass or soil.
Close your eyes, breathing deeply. As you do so, start relaxing each muscle in your body, from your head to your toes. Notice where you feel any tension and gently tell those parts to let that tension go.
Once you have done this, I want you to imagine that from your feet, tiny little roots are growing and expanding from your toes. Imagine those roots burying themselves deep into the ground- essentially you are imagining to be a tree,  re-forming your roots into the earth. I want you to visualize these roots going deeply into the ground, go as far as you mind will imagine it can go.

Once you have done this, imagine stagnant or negative energy leaving your body – from your mind right down to your feet into the roots beneath your toes. Every breath you exhale imagine more negative energy leave your body in this way. When you sense your body has released all the tension, worries and stagnant energy– Imagine the earth below taking that energy and purifying it. You are not harming earth by doing this – Mother Nature is a natural healer and wants to take your stagnant energy and rebalance it for you.
Keep breathing and now imagine Mother Earth replacing that energy for you. Imagine a glowing white light of new, fresh and positive energy surging upwards from the ground into the roots beneath your toes, then up into your body. Inhale deeply, imagining that white healing energy fill your entire body now, from your feet to your legs, torso, chest, throat and your mind. Believe with all your heart that this energy is healing, purifying and rebalancing you. Once you start feeling cool energy and tingly all over – you will know that Earth has helped rebalance your personal energy and you may open your eyes.
Try this simple exercise this weekend if you can and then see for yourself how relaxed you feel afterwards. Be thankful that you have taken time to reconnect with earth.

Love and light,
Your Resident Psychic & Spirit Medium,

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