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I have always been a very creative person. As a child growing up in the early eighties, we didn’t have access to technology such as computers or play stations as the kids these days do. I had to find ways to keep myself entertained without getting into trouble. My sister Simone and I would spend hours in the garden, making mud cakes and baking them in the sun. We would also make our own paper dolls with paper clothes to match. Our most prized creation of all was our double storey doll house, which we made out of a huge cardboard box, complete with elaborate paper and cloth miniature furniture.

We also kept an ant farm above our bed, not a very good idea at all since we’d wake up with ants crawling all over us! We made our own tree houses and ‘Secret Seven’ club houses.
We’d dress up in our moms dresses, jewellery and high heels and pretend to be Miss Universe!
I know that when I become a mom someday I will relish the chance at living a second childhood!

As I got older, I expressed my creativity in artwork. I drew, sketched and painted. I learnt how to cook from a very early age and loved being able to create my own gourmet meals out of everyday ingredients in our kitchen. I have a very healthy obsession with food! Nothing beats the scent of bacon and eggs grilling on a Saturday morning, or the delicious smell of fancy focaccia baking in the oven. My love for cooking and art was the reason I studied home economics in high school and I excelled in this subject.
My boyfriend Shiraz has unashamedly confessed he loves me mostly for my skills in the kitchen!

After high school, I studied and qualified in interior decorating.
I worked for a designing company for a while until life sort of took over, and I eventually started working full time as a psychic and spirit medium.

Even though my business takes up most of my time nowadays, I still try to find time to express my creativity. My muse is like a little child, screaming at me when I have not indulged in her creativity.
Every one of us was born with special gifts. It still amazes me when I ask my clients what talents they have or how they express their creativity in their lives. Many of them will laugh and say “I have no talent!” I laugh back and say “Off course you do!”

Creativity is indeed from God, and takes many forms. You may only view creativity as being able to sing, dance, paint or cook; however, creativity also takes other forms of expression. You may be a very creative speaker in your life, and you may use your sense of humor to brighten up someone’s day.
You may express your creativity by having a very curious mind and being a very visual person. You may express your creativity by putting together events, or may be creative in your organizational skills.

You may be very intuitive with your emotions and choose to express your creativity by writing poetry, songs, stories or books.
Your creativity may take the form of creating history and photographing moments in time.
Your creativity may lie in nature, allowing the colours, shapes and forms to surprise, delight and inspire you. You may enjoy spending time outdoors, doing a bit of gardening and planting various things, be they flowers or little herb and vegetable gardens.

Creativity is absolutely essential in de-stressing ourselves. Notice how incredibly tranquil you feel after doing something creative. It is our soul’s way of letting loose and allowing God to shine through us.

The possibilities of expressing yourself creatively are endless. Finding these ventures that give you a sense of accomplishment, be it big or small, help your soul bring about peace and contentment within yourself. Take a moment to listen to your inner muse and find out what it is that inspires you and let the creativity flow.

Blessed be,
Your Resident Psychic and Spirit Medium

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