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I was born with psychic powers of psychometry (the power to read energy from objects) and mediumship (the power to see ghosts and communicate with the deceased.) These powers enable me to ‘read’ energy from people, objects and spaces. Long before I started doing my psychic work, my sisters would find ways to test my powers.
They would go to elaborate lengths of finding objects, from keys to photographs, wrap these items up so that I had no idea what they looked or felt like, then finally handing them to me to ‘read’. This was a fascinating exercise, as I was able to naturally and accurately describe the disguised items, even the owners of those items. One such afternoon of psychometric testing, I learnt something very interesting about myself and energy.

I was working at my dad’s pub and nightclub at that time as restaurant manager. The pub was always full of men, and I had to learn quickly how to deal with so much testosterone around me everyday.
As months passed, I became a lot tougher, and my dad would trust me enough to take care of the pub while he played music in the Saturday night live band. Once shy and afraid of confrontation, I found that I had indeed grown a voice, and often had to separate fights between grown men.

One afternoon of my sisters’ ‘psychometric game’, I was presented something small wrapped in a box. I ran my fingers over the cold box and immediately said ‘The energy of the person belonging to this object is very masculine. He is tough, perhaps a little cold and detached from people, reluctant to trust.’
My sister Simone laughed, then widened her gaze as she opened the box and took out one of my lipsticks!
I was horrified! I kept wondering how could I have gotten it so wrong?
That is, until I understood, I was reading energy. I am sensitive to energy and energy of that little lipstick was very strong.

I began to realize that I was indeed out of touch with my feminine energy, spending everyday in a completely male-oriented environment. I had to be on my guard all the time, stay emotionally detached from people and I had to be physically tough and aware of everyone around me, be ready to be ‘warrior woman’ should a fight break out in the pub. I also realized that dating was proving to be hard for me, as I was always wanting to be in control, and always kept giving too much of my time and energy to men who were not playing fair.

I was also not dressing my usual feminine style, my signature high heels and big pieces of jewellery were not exactly pub-attire.
I had traded these for jeans and sneakers and little or nor jewels.
The psychometric exercise proved priceless in helping me see how behaviour can affect personal energy!

It is so easy to get our energies mixed up, especially in this day and age. Women are expected to do and have it all in careers and family life, sometimes we forget that it is our gentleness that is our true feminine power.
Men are encouraged to be softer in relationships, to understand women more, however when a man is too sensitive women, tend to get easily frustrated with them! When a man shows his strength, often women nowadays want to compete with him and show him just how strong she really is.

If you are a man or woman and your feminine energy is stronger than your masculine energy-

-you are highly decorated (always dressed up elaborately)
-you find it difficult to give your partner time or energy
-you find it difficult to be assertive at work and confrontation makes you feel uncomfortable
 -people are always telling you to be more assertive

If you are a man or woman and your masculine energy is stronger than your feminine energy-
-you don’t seem to be bothered with how you dress
-you always seem to be the one who puts more effort into your relationships and don’t seem to get the same in return
-you are always in ‘warrior mode’
-you are fiercely independent
-you fear showing your softer side in case people take advantage of you

If you have well balanced male and female energies-

-you have a natural balance of giving and receiving in your relationships
-you are comfortable expressing your feelings
-you never feel the need to ‘compete’ with members of the opposite sex
-you are comfortable in your own skin and understand men and women are different
-if you are a man, you feel comfortable and happy to provide or pay for dates
- if you are a woman, you feel comfortable allowing a man to pay, knowing this doesn’t take away from your independence

If you have unbalanced, stronger feminine energy, the easiest way to balance it out would be to learn how to be more assertive now, at work or in relationships.
Learn to balance giving and receiving in your relationships.
Spend time doing things you have never tried before, take up an exercise such as pilates or yoga to tone your muscles and build your strength.

If you have unbalanced, stronger masculine energy, the easiest way to balance it out now would be to allow your softer side to come out in relationships.
Devote time to taking better care of yourself, pamper yourself.
Allow your partner to ‘give’ more in your relationship.
Learn to trust more.
Spend more time in nature, connect with Mother Earth to rebalance your personal energy.
Allow others to treat you without feeling the need to return the favour all the time.

Having had a very colourful romantic past, I can honestly say men and women are incredibly different creatures! And we are different for good reason. As women it is important for us to understand our true power comes from owning our gentleness, knowing that it is this very quality that can move mountains in the world.
We don’t need to prove to anyone how strong, independent or tough we are. We have to start owning our feminine power for all the beauty that it shows. A woman who is truly comfortable with her femininity and her own power will not feel threatened by a man who wants to take care of her.

Men need to understand that there are still women out there who love a man to be the strong silent type. Open our doors, treat us to dinner and we will be more than happy to give you that regular full body massage.
We will be more than happy to make you that triple-decker dagwood sandwich at in the morning, after a night out with your boys and you are starving.
Understand that you were given more muscle power than the gentler sex and yes, we do expect you to turn into cavemen when some threatening creature dares upset us. We women don’t mind you showing off your brawn, in fact it is incredibly sexy. Any man who has ever been in a relationship will know that if he makes his lady happy, she will do everything to please him.

Love and light,
Your Resident Psychic & Spirit Medium,

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