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I trust you all have had a fabulous and productive week.

How many of you can identify with one or more of the following statements?
Are you-

-broken hearted
-being cheated on
-cheating on your partner
-fantasizing murdering your partner
-with someone you know is not good for you
-with someone at the moment just to pass time till ‘THE ONE’ comes along
-don’t believe in love anymore and have decided to be single forever
-tired of the phrase ‘friends with benefits’
-realize you’re someone’s ‘friend with benefits’
-tired of being alone

The Shakespearean phrase ‘The course of true love never runs smoothly’ seems to apply more in this day and age than ever. Why is it that we have every option available to us in the world nowadays and yet never seem to be truly happy in love?

True love does exist, now before you all label me as a woman consumed with fairytales, let me explain myself. True love to me simply means unconditional love. Its being yourself, your lazy –warts- and -all self and still having someone find you utterly attractive and irresistible in every possible way.

True love is being able to, beyond a shadow of a doubt, trust that your partner will be loyal to you, comfort you, and encourage you to grow as a person.
True love or real love does NOT hurt or harm you. If you are with someone right now who does not make you feel good, that is NOT real love. That person is a lesson, packaged very attractively (or not) for you to learn something important in your spiritual development.

Five years ago, I took a sabbatical from dating. Realizing that I had spent the previous ten years of my life in many destructive relationships, pleasing everyone else but myself, putting up with infidelities and other abusive behaviours, I had had enough!

I chose to be single for an entire year. I needed to work through my issues, heal my past, find clarity in my disillusionment and figure out what in the world I wanted from a relationship. I was so caught up in finding ‘The One’ that dating had become more of an ‘interview’ for me. Instead of going out with my friends and family on the weekends, I would stay home, curled up on the couch with nothing but hot chocolate, a big bag of Doritos and my horror movie of choice. That for me was heaven. I enjoyed my solitude and slowly I worked through my past pain. I journalized a lot, sometimes writing letters to the men who I had perceived had wronged me, other times, I asked for forgiveness. And, of course, there were times I was vengeful, thinking up ways to punish them if I had ever seen them again. (I am only human)

By the ten month, I was so happy being single I didn’t feel the need to have anyone in my life romantically. I was at peace with myself, having let go of my issues and was starting to find men appealing again. One guy in particular really caught my eye. A handsome, broad-shouldered, tall guy, with beautiful long hair. He looked like the 21st century Fabio to me. Angels played harps when I would spy on him walking down my road, for soccer practice. I thought he was so mysterious. Never allowing myself to make the first move, I decided he would just have to be afternoon eye-candy and leave it at that.

I finally decided before the year was up to do an angel blessing for myself. I was ready for love. I wrote down all the qualities I’d hoped for in a mate, placed a rose quartz crystal under my pillow, then forgot about it. One night, two weeks later, one of my friends phones died, so he borrowed his neighbour’s phone to invite me on mxit to chat. He then deleted my number afterwards. Somehow my cell number hadn’t gotten deleted off mxit after all and, the following morning, I saw a foreign number on my contact list. The person belonging to that number struck up a conversation with me. He was witty, intelligent with a wicked sense of humour and we exchanged photos the very same day. When his mms photo came through, I almost fell off my chair realizing he was indeed the very same tall man with beautiful long hair I had been eyeing months earlier! (Insert angel harp music here)

To do your own Angel Blessing to Attract Real Love, you will need-
A list of the qualities you hope to find in a mate (Be realistic, don’t ask for a Taylor Lautner or Taylor Swift lookalike! But if you prefer women with long hair or a man with broad shoulders go ahead, the trick here is to be as specific as you want to be. Don’t forget, looks aren’t everything! Loyalty, friendship, trustworthiness, a sense of humour is important!)
A small rose quartz crystal (This crystal heals your heart chakra and helps you attract love)

Read out your finished list to God, the Angels or whomever you wish to hear it. Know that these words are spoken from your heart and will bring to you what you ask for. Law of Attraction!
Then place the crystal underneath your pillow for at least a month.
Wait and see what the Angels have in store for you! Now I’m not saying it will bring you your soul mate, however, it will help you attract what your heart desires right now. When you are ready and the time is right, your Soul Mate will come to you. Destiny always gets its own way!

I wish to thank my wonderful tall, handsome, long- haired boyfriend for restoring my belief in true love, for loving, understanding and being so good to me. You are my hero and I love you forever Shiraz Laher.

I wish you all a fabulous weekend, if you are unhappy in love or miserably single, perhaps it’s time for a little reflection and an angel blessing in that department of your life. I know one thing for sure, no matter who you are, where you came from, what you have done, you still DESERVE to LOVE and TO BE LOVED.

Love, Light & Angel Blessings to you all!

Your Resident Psychic & Spirit Medium,

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