Sunday, 27 February 2011


Greetings Bloggers!
Are any of you:
-artistic or have a natural creative flair?
-highly sensitive or empathic toward others?
-do you believe you were born with psychic, telepathic, supernatural powers or spiritual gifts?
-do you have a deep understanding of animals and perhaps believe you can talk to them?
-did you grow up feeling different from everyone else? Did you feel you never fitted in at school, that the education taught at school was not something you could identify with on a soul-level? Were you diagnosed with ADD, and yet know you know have no behavioural or learning disability?
-have a love for crystals and feel a deep sense of appreciation for nature, so much so that the thought of someone harming earth deeply hurts you?
-people often say you’re weird or strange and you tend to be a loner?
-can you see spirits, angels and magical creatures, such as faeries?
-do you have the ability to hear voices of the angels?
-do you feel compelled to help people and can only be around people who vibrate at a higher spiritual frequency?
-does confrontation or negative energy make you physically uncomfortable?
-do you believe, without a shadow of a doubt that you were meant to be here on earth for a specific reason? Have you chosen a career in which you help others, be it healing or teaching?

If you can identify with most of the above statements, chances are you are indeed an Indigo Child. The term Indigo Child, sometimes known as Crystal Children, describes enlightened souls living on earth, especially in this era of human life.  These special souls are believed to have been born with and indigo aura, a colour which indicates strong spiritual / supernatural gifts. Indigo children have come to earth in this lifetime to help spread peace, love and spiritual enlightenment at a time where earth needs help most.
Growing up i was often called ‘weird/strange/different’ by family and friends. I went to five different schools and had very little close friends. The people I chose to hang around were often the ‘misfits’ of school. I hung out with the delinquents, rebels (because I have always wanted to be different, dress different, never conforming to trends and had a mind of my own. I found really wonderful friends during the last few years of school in my art class. We were all different, yet our passion for art kept us together. We were the art geeks, spending our lunch breaks in the art class drawing and painting and never really mixed with the other kids at school. Our individuality fuelled our creativity and we expressed this in our art. My good friend Sam painted and drew mostly spiritual work, she had a great respect and love for Hindu culture and this showed in her work. I loved glamour and gothic art, so much of my work centred around dark beauty and bold faces. Portraits were my favourite things to paint, I loved how people’s faces each told a different story and could evoke different emotions to the eye of the beholder. My final piece of artwork for the matric exam was composition in colour. I painted this piece expressing emotion after I had caught an ex boyfriend cheating on me. splashes of colour ran across the huge page reflecting my pain and loneliness. The passion that came out in my art that final exam was precisely why I believed I scored a distinction and was happy that out of a negative experience came glory for me.

With global warming and our precious earth losing it’s natural resources, the natural order of feminine and masculine energy has changed. Indigo children were born in our era to help bring back this balance and help earth in very special ways, emphasizing on spiritual enlightenment vs technology. Indigo children wish to promote natural health, simple living and healing.
Indigo children are insanely passionate and intuitive creatures. Many people perceive us as being weird or strange because we are misunderstood. Indigo children stand out in a crowd, having different ideas about life and do not conform to the ‘norm.’ But what exactly is the ‘norm?’

I often question why people accept things to be a certain way just because it has been done the same way over and over again. Who makes up these rules? An indigo child questions everything in life and tries to make better the world around them. Whether it’s a young child empathic toward a stressed out parent or an indigo adult trying to save the world, they are a blessing to our earth. An indigo child may be prone to depression early on in life, trying to find his or her own identity. It is imperative we start to nurture these young souls, for they have been born with a deep understanding of the Spirit and will try live life with good intentions.
Angel Blessings!
Your Resident Psychic & Spirit Medium,


Greetings Bloggers!

I trust you all have had a wonderful week, with Spring comes the promise of new beginnings. I look forward to the Spring rains every year, gardens look fresher and I make a point of buying myself fresh flowers often to remind myself of the beauty that exists around me. This week I am going to show you a simple exercise on establishing or reconnecting your roots to earth –

I moved house eleven times growing up, attending five different schools. My dad is a musician, and his work took us around a lot. I was very much a loner as a child, painfully shy, especially having to constantly make new friends. As a result, the only security I felt was in myself- Even so, I was lonely and felt the need to have friends around me.
Unfortunately, with my psychic gifts and eccentric nature, not many kids understood me, they would tease me and pick fights with me, because I was the ‘weird’ girl. I spent many lunch breaks alone, feeling as though no one understood me. When I got home after school, I would play by myself in our garden, and had many special ‘imaginary friends.’ In hindsight, I realize these ‘friends’ were indeed spirits of people whom had crossed over, and I would have elaborate conversations with them. When I was older I began to see the spirits of those who have crossed over much easier, back then as a child, these special spirits would comfort me and make me feel that I wasn’t alone after all. They would indulge in my fascination with faeries and magickal creatures. I would collect lady birds and silk worms in little glass bottles – as lures for faeries. I would also make a point of putting bits of food and cake by the trunks of trees, inside flowers, all in the hope of meeting these magickal beings whom I loved so dearly. Although I did not see faeries till much later on in my life-I still believed they were there-protecting the flowers in our gardens and sprinkling magick all around me.

I began to understand how incredibly healing nature is. The fact that you can take a tiny dried bean from your cupboard-pushing it into some moist soil can create a beautiful tree someday is proof of the immense magick nature is all about.
We are all part of nature- we feed of Mother Earth and it is very important to me to give gratitude for all the beauty and nourishment nature has bestowed upon us.

One simple exercise I enjoy doing regularly is the Grounding and Centering Technique.
This technique is based on the philosophy of releasing stagnant personal energy into the earth, where Mother Nature so cleverly rebalances it for you.

To do this exercise, you’re going to need fifteen minutes alone in your back yard. I like to do this exercise in the late afternoon, where most of our energy has been taken up by our many responsibilities. Take off your shoes and stand on a bare patch of grass or soil.
Close your eyes, breathing deeply. As you do so, start relaxing each muscle in your body, from your head to your toes. Notice where you feel any tension and gently tell those parts to let that tension go.
Once you have done this, I want you to imagine that from your feet, tiny little roots are growing and expanding from your toes. Imagine those roots burying themselves deep into the ground- essentially you are imagining to be a tree,  re-forming your roots into the earth. I want you to visualize these roots going deeply into the ground, go as far as you mind will imagine it can go.

Once you have done this, imagine stagnant or negative energy leaving your body – from your mind right down to your feet into the roots beneath your toes. Every breath you exhale imagine more negative energy leave your body in this way. When you sense your body has released all the tension, worries and stagnant energy– Imagine the earth below taking that energy and purifying it. You are not harming earth by doing this – Mother Nature is a natural healer and wants to take your stagnant energy and rebalance it for you.
Keep breathing and now imagine Mother Earth replacing that energy for you. Imagine a glowing white light of new, fresh and positive energy surging upwards from the ground into the roots beneath your toes, then up into your body. Inhale deeply, imagining that white healing energy fill your entire body now, from your feet to your legs, torso, chest, throat and your mind. Believe with all your heart that this energy is healing, purifying and rebalancing you. Once you start feeling cool energy and tingly all over – you will know that Earth has helped rebalance your personal energy and you may open your eyes.
Try this simple exercise this weekend if you can and then see for yourself how relaxed you feel afterwards. Be thankful that you have taken time to reconnect with earth.

Love and light,
Your Resident Psychic & Spirit Medium,


Greetings Bloggers!

I trust you all have had a fabulous and productive week.

How many of you can identify with one or more of the following statements?
Are you-

-broken hearted
-being cheated on
-cheating on your partner
-fantasizing murdering your partner
-with someone you know is not good for you
-with someone at the moment just to pass time till ‘THE ONE’ comes along
-don’t believe in love anymore and have decided to be single forever
-tired of the phrase ‘friends with benefits’
-realize you’re someone’s ‘friend with benefits’
-tired of being alone

The Shakespearean phrase ‘The course of true love never runs smoothly’ seems to apply more in this day and age than ever. Why is it that we have every option available to us in the world nowadays and yet never seem to be truly happy in love?

True love does exist, now before you all label me as a woman consumed with fairytales, let me explain myself. True love to me simply means unconditional love. Its being yourself, your lazy –warts- and -all self and still having someone find you utterly attractive and irresistible in every possible way.

True love is being able to, beyond a shadow of a doubt, trust that your partner will be loyal to you, comfort you, and encourage you to grow as a person.
True love or real love does NOT hurt or harm you. If you are with someone right now who does not make you feel good, that is NOT real love. That person is a lesson, packaged very attractively (or not) for you to learn something important in your spiritual development.

Five years ago, I took a sabbatical from dating. Realizing that I had spent the previous ten years of my life in many destructive relationships, pleasing everyone else but myself, putting up with infidelities and other abusive behaviours, I had had enough!

I chose to be single for an entire year. I needed to work through my issues, heal my past, find clarity in my disillusionment and figure out what in the world I wanted from a relationship. I was so caught up in finding ‘The One’ that dating had become more of an ‘interview’ for me. Instead of going out with my friends and family on the weekends, I would stay home, curled up on the couch with nothing but hot chocolate, a big bag of Doritos and my horror movie of choice. That for me was heaven. I enjoyed my solitude and slowly I worked through my past pain. I journalized a lot, sometimes writing letters to the men who I had perceived had wronged me, other times, I asked for forgiveness. And, of course, there were times I was vengeful, thinking up ways to punish them if I had ever seen them again. (I am only human)

By the ten month, I was so happy being single I didn’t feel the need to have anyone in my life romantically. I was at peace with myself, having let go of my issues and was starting to find men appealing again. One guy in particular really caught my eye. A handsome, broad-shouldered, tall guy, with beautiful long hair. He looked like the 21st century Fabio to me. Angels played harps when I would spy on him walking down my road, for soccer practice. I thought he was so mysterious. Never allowing myself to make the first move, I decided he would just have to be afternoon eye-candy and leave it at that.

I finally decided before the year was up to do an angel blessing for myself. I was ready for love. I wrote down all the qualities I’d hoped for in a mate, placed a rose quartz crystal under my pillow, then forgot about it. One night, two weeks later, one of my friends phones died, so he borrowed his neighbour’s phone to invite me on mxit to chat. He then deleted my number afterwards. Somehow my cell number hadn’t gotten deleted off mxit after all and, the following morning, I saw a foreign number on my contact list. The person belonging to that number struck up a conversation with me. He was witty, intelligent with a wicked sense of humour and we exchanged photos the very same day. When his mms photo came through, I almost fell off my chair realizing he was indeed the very same tall man with beautiful long hair I had been eyeing months earlier! (Insert angel harp music here)

To do your own Angel Blessing to Attract Real Love, you will need-
A list of the qualities you hope to find in a mate (Be realistic, don’t ask for a Taylor Lautner or Taylor Swift lookalike! But if you prefer women with long hair or a man with broad shoulders go ahead, the trick here is to be as specific as you want to be. Don’t forget, looks aren’t everything! Loyalty, friendship, trustworthiness, a sense of humour is important!)
A small rose quartz crystal (This crystal heals your heart chakra and helps you attract love)

Read out your finished list to God, the Angels or whomever you wish to hear it. Know that these words are spoken from your heart and will bring to you what you ask for. Law of Attraction!
Then place the crystal underneath your pillow for at least a month.
Wait and see what the Angels have in store for you! Now I’m not saying it will bring you your soul mate, however, it will help you attract what your heart desires right now. When you are ready and the time is right, your Soul Mate will come to you. Destiny always gets its own way!

I wish to thank my wonderful tall, handsome, long- haired boyfriend for restoring my belief in true love, for loving, understanding and being so good to me. You are my hero and I love you forever Shiraz Laher.

I wish you all a fabulous weekend, if you are unhappy in love or miserably single, perhaps it’s time for a little reflection and an angel blessing in that department of your life. I know one thing for sure, no matter who you are, where you came from, what you have done, you still DESERVE to LOVE and TO BE LOVED.

Love, Light & Angel Blessings to you all!

Your Resident Psychic & Spirit Medium,


Greetings Bloggers!

I hope you all have had a blessed week. I am looking forward to the sun being out more often now, trips to the beach, picnics in the park and laying outside at night staring at the stars. Spring has always been my favourite time of year, not only because my birthday falls in Spring, but because I love watching the Spring flowers and trees bloom after a sleepy Winter.

We all have ‘seasons’ in our own lives. Every season sees us basking in the glory of our shining moments (Summer). We have moments of change and contemplation (Autumn). We have dark moments where we just want to curl up and hibernate (Winter) ,and we have cycles of re-birth and rejuvenation (Spring).

This week I am going to show you how to make peace with your past. I share this simple exercise with many of my wonderful clients and it truly does help in making spiritual peace with those in your life you perceive have wronged you. All you need for this simple exercise is a piece of paper, pen and a lit candle.

I want you to write down the names of everyone in your life whom you believe has wronged you, everyone you feel you haven’t forgiven completely and everyone whom you feel you still have an emotional attachment to that no longer serves you positively right now.

Next to each of those names, write down what you would say to those people if they were sitting in front of you right now. Maybe they need your forgiveness, or maybe you want to scream and shout at them because of how much they hurt you. Write down whatever comes from your heart.

Once you have done that, flip the page over and write down their names again. This time, write down all the lessons you have learnt from those experiences.

You could be angry with an ex lover who betrayed and cheated on you- maybe this has taught you to listen to your intuition more and not be so na├»ve. Maybe your dad was a poor example handling his money, leaving you and your family feeling insecure and unsafe-perhaps this has taught you how to be more resourceful with money and vow to be a better parent to your own kids someday. Maybe your dad was an alcoholic and made your childhood feel like hell – perhaps this has taught you that alcohol isn’t the answer to pain and you have vowed to be a healthier person, having seen the effects that alcohol had on your dad’s health.

Maybe your mom didn’t love you the way you wish she loved you- this could have taught you to accept yourself as you are and understand that loving yourself is more important. Perhaps you had lots of friends who said bad things behind your back and you lost them- this could have taught you that keeping one or two true friends is way more important than having the status of a social butterfly.

Maybe you were abused by a family member and this has haunted you all your life- perhaps this has made you understand that no matter how much anyone hurt you-emotionally, verbally or sexually-you are still a perfect child of God and the angels and you are a survivor. Many abused people have grown up helping others through abuse and heal themselves in the process.

After you have completed your list, write down in big letters ‘I FORGIVE MYSELF.’

Sometimes forgiving ourselves is harder than forgiving others. You are human and allowed to make mistakes. Feel the forgiveness in your heart and resolve to release your pain.

Next, hold that piece of paper to the flame of a candle and watch it catch alight. Believe that flame is burning away the effects of your past pain, watch the words disappear as they become ash and blow the ash away in the garden, where Nature can replenish those dark feelings with positivity now.

This exercise is important in spiritually healing your past. Your higher self has taken the time to let go of that pain and forgive others, or yourself for all perceived wrongs. You are now free to move on from that ‘Winter phase’ of your life.

Time to embrace new change, have new blessings and look forward to a better, more enlightened future. When you know better, you do better. The best way to ensure a better tomorrow is to make peace with your past and understand that this moment is all you need to create a better future.

Love & Light,
Your Resident Psychic & Spirit Medium,


Greetings Bloggers!

I was 22 when I left home to pursue a new life in Jhb. I had just been through a painful break up and my life was in need of a make-over. I had to board with family for a while until I found a place of my own. Little did I know what was in store for me.

Being a private person, and having spiritual beliefs that did not match my family’s there, living with them became very difficult for me. They shut down all talk about psychics, they were ignorant about my spiritual beliefs, did not understand why I believed in faeries and Goddesses, and said that psychics were evil people who worshipped the devil and dabbled in the occult. I was the ‘outcast’ in that home, they would try to change my beliefs constantly, brought home priests to cleanse the room I occupied, and sprinkled holy water on every little thing I touched. I felt worse than a criminal, having my own flesh and blood treat me like dirt. There were times I felt like I should pack my bags and move back home. But I knew I had moved up for a reason, and I was not going to let them dissuade my goals.

The torment got to such a serious stage that I was being completely ignored in that house, I stopped eating and at my worst, weighed 32kgs. If I was watching something on television they would rudely switch channels. If they were all in the pool, and I joined them for a swim, they all quickly got out. Even though I paid my board on time and I was the neatest person in that house, cleaning up after these people, they never appreciated me. Outings were arranged and I would never be told. I broke out in horrendous acne, and became a recluse. I could not understand how family could hurt me this way, they knew that I came from a very loving open-minded home, where us girls were encouraged to follow our own spiritual paths. They had promised my parents to look out for me, being in a new place and not having friends, but I felt completely betrayed. My mom came up to visit one weekend and insisted I leave, after seeing how these people were treating me. I packed my bags and went to live with another part of my family, people whom I never really knew, but who were kind enough to offer me accommodation. Living in my uncle’s home was a far cry from the previous family.

Here I was treated like a human being. My new family were uber-fabulous! They accepted me for who I was and honored for my beliefs. They made me feel like part of their family and spoilt me rotten with love. Even though things were wonderful and I was starting to feel safe, I made the decision to move into my own place, which I did so after just a month. I wanted to be on my own and was still shaken up by how the previous family had hurt me, I didn’t want to be a burden to anyone else and I needed to be alone.

When I moved into my cottage, I barely had enough money to buy furniture let alone entertainment, such as a television or radio. But I was so happy to be free, so happy to be on my own and not have anyone judge me. This was my place, my palace and mine.
I stocked up on loads of groceries, I remember having thirteen boxes of biscuits in my kitchen cupboard at a time. You have to remember I was very thin and needed to gain weight (well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!). My home was really very quiet. In the evenings after work I had nothing but the sounds of my own breathing to listen to. At first it was scary, the silence was painful because I had to endure listening to my own thoughts. And some of those thoughts were not very nice, especially thinking about my unfolding journey in Jhb and the family that I had become estranged from. I spent many nights crying, feeling lonely, being scared in case someone broke in. But pretty soon, I started to love being alone.

I indulged in my passion for cooking and would make elaborate meals for myself after work. I borrowed mountains of books at a time from the library and would sit in my electric-warmed bed reading to my hearts content (with a packet of Doritos, hot chocolate and those coconut covered marshmallows on hand). Thereafter, sipping wine in my bubble bath, reading and sketching. My skin cleared up completely and I found myself feeling like a million dollars very quickly. I found new friends, people who saw the beauty in me and who accepted me for who I am. When my parents surprised me with a brand new television for my birthday, I was both ecstatic and sad! Ecstatic, because I would never have to miss my favourite show Survivor again, but sad because I had begun to truly love my solitude. I very often switched off my tv when I needed to shut out the world and just enjoy me-time.

There is such healing power and treasure in meaningful Solitude. Solitude allows us to listen to our inner voices. To figure out exactly what goes on inside our heads and what we keep replaying on our minds like a broken record. You come to a point when you start to realize that our minds can either be our best friends or our worst enemies. Even now, I steal time away from my family and even my boyfriend, because I need to ‘reconnect’ with my spirit. Shiraz understands this well, he knows that without me-time I become moody and he gladly gives me my solitude!

Try to have a little solitude regularly. You really do not need to be in the company of people all the time to feel safe or loved. Love yourself, give yourself some attention. Take yourself out to coffee, which is something I love doing often. Go to the movies alone, imagine being able to watch whatever you like instead of going along with your friend’s choices. Start a new hobby, find what makes your heart sing with joy. The only way you will know what you like and how you feel is by listening to your inner voice. Your inner self is like a compass steering you along the path that is perfect for you.
Don’t be concerned about what people may say seeing walking alone in a mall. Don’t assume people will think of you as lonely loser. As a matter of fact, people will assume the very opposite- that you are an independent person who loves his or her own company. Sometimes its necessary to be alone, find that treasure in your solitude and I promise you will feel as free as a bird.

Love and Light,
Your Resident Psychic & Spirit Medium,


Greetings Bloggers!

I have always been a very creative person. As a child growing up in the early eighties, we didn’t have access to technology such as computers or play stations as the kids these days do. I had to find ways to keep myself entertained without getting into trouble. My sister Simone and I would spend hours in the garden, making mud cakes and baking them in the sun. We would also make our own paper dolls with paper clothes to match. Our most prized creation of all was our double storey doll house, which we made out of a huge cardboard box, complete with elaborate paper and cloth miniature furniture.

We also kept an ant farm above our bed, not a very good idea at all since we’d wake up with ants crawling all over us! We made our own tree houses and ‘Secret Seven’ club houses.
We’d dress up in our moms dresses, jewellery and high heels and pretend to be Miss Universe!
I know that when I become a mom someday I will relish the chance at living a second childhood!

As I got older, I expressed my creativity in artwork. I drew, sketched and painted. I learnt how to cook from a very early age and loved being able to create my own gourmet meals out of everyday ingredients in our kitchen. I have a very healthy obsession with food! Nothing beats the scent of bacon and eggs grilling on a Saturday morning, or the delicious smell of fancy focaccia baking in the oven. My love for cooking and art was the reason I studied home economics in high school and I excelled in this subject.
My boyfriend Shiraz has unashamedly confessed he loves me mostly for my skills in the kitchen!

After high school, I studied and qualified in interior decorating.
I worked for a designing company for a while until life sort of took over, and I eventually started working full time as a psychic and spirit medium.

Even though my business takes up most of my time nowadays, I still try to find time to express my creativity. My muse is like a little child, screaming at me when I have not indulged in her creativity.
Every one of us was born with special gifts. It still amazes me when I ask my clients what talents they have or how they express their creativity in their lives. Many of them will laugh and say “I have no talent!” I laugh back and say “Off course you do!”

Creativity is indeed from God, and takes many forms. You may only view creativity as being able to sing, dance, paint or cook; however, creativity also takes other forms of expression. You may be a very creative speaker in your life, and you may use your sense of humor to brighten up someone’s day.
You may express your creativity by having a very curious mind and being a very visual person. You may express your creativity by putting together events, or may be creative in your organizational skills.

You may be very intuitive with your emotions and choose to express your creativity by writing poetry, songs, stories or books.
Your creativity may take the form of creating history and photographing moments in time.
Your creativity may lie in nature, allowing the colours, shapes and forms to surprise, delight and inspire you. You may enjoy spending time outdoors, doing a bit of gardening and planting various things, be they flowers or little herb and vegetable gardens.

Creativity is absolutely essential in de-stressing ourselves. Notice how incredibly tranquil you feel after doing something creative. It is our soul’s way of letting loose and allowing God to shine through us.

The possibilities of expressing yourself creatively are endless. Finding these ventures that give you a sense of accomplishment, be it big or small, help your soul bring about peace and contentment within yourself. Take a moment to listen to your inner muse and find out what it is that inspires you and let the creativity flow.

Blessed be,
Your Resident Psychic and Spirit Medium